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Wood Floor Repairs

Since 1993

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Loose And Damaged Boards


We check every board and if loose, fix them in position. We remove old tacks and nails - and hammer protruding nails flat.

If any boards or blocks are damaged beyond repair, we will replace them with reclaimed timber - wherever possible, of the same age and quality.



Great photos of our floor sanding project in Wood Floor Repairs LondonThe Authentic Touch


Wooden boards and blocks vary a lot: in their age, the type of wood - and the age of the tree when felled.   

We always strive for the perfect match, no matter how rare the type of flooring. A London office building had a 1930s parquet floor with a large area of missing blocks. Drawing a blank for the right replacements in the capital, we searched nationwide among our extensive network of reclaimed wood suppliers.

The demolition of a mews building in Nottingham provided matching blocks - at twice the required size! After cutting each in half by hand - and relaying -the end result was well worthwhile. The company now has 21st century glass partitioned offices - perfectly complemented by a beautiful period floor.




Amazing proof pictures of our work in floor sanding in Wood Floor Repairs London Gap Filling

Modern floor sanding is very efficient, but you will experience some disruption from your usual routine. The job will take at least a full day, and large projects may require rooms to be out of use for several days.

Sanding machines are notoriously nosy and dusty: particularly the traditional drum sanders. The dust they spread can linger for days. This is not the atmosphere you want for family, staff and customers when the floor is back in service.

Our modern cylinder machines have a unique dust collection system – they collect 98% of all dust, as the collection bags are kept outside the rooms as they are sanded. We further minimise dust by the use of covers and the masking of doors and windows.



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In Wood Floor Repairs London We Are Thankful For Trusting On Our Services

  Floor Sanding

After repairs, the next stage lies in the removal of the old layers of sealant – oil, wax, lacquer or varnish. Sandingmachines use paper of various grades to strip level and smooth the surface of the wooden floor.

A level finish is vital for the adherence of stains and varnishes. Uneven areas are prone to wear, hold dirt and are difficult to clean.

We use edging sanders and fine hand tools for a smooth surface over the entire floor

This sanding technique works on all kinds of solid wood floors: hardwood (oak, beech or walnut) or softwood (pine, yew or Douglas fir). It also applies to engineered floors (those with a layer of hardwood over ply); strip floors; herringbone; parquet blocks; mosaic and cork.

All traces of sealants are removed – including the ugly ‘Victorian’ black bitumen!

Once sanded, a floor is ready for staining, if desired. The final stage is to apply a sealant to protect the floor surface and give a hard-wearing finish.



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Affordable Floor Sanding Services in Wood Floor Repairs London

  Old Carpets

Ripping these up is not as straightforward as it may appear: they can be heavy, leave bits behind – and any staples need the right tools for easy removal.

And then you will have to dispose of the carpet. It may be too big and heavy for an average car. Just leave it all to us. We’ll remove every trace – and dispose of it carefully.



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Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Wood Floor Repairs LondonSealants


Modern lacquers no longer have the ‘plastic’ look of traditional varnish. Their silky sheen comes in a matt, satin or high gloss finish.

Typically used for areas of mid to heavy traffic, lacquers are both more durable and easier to maintain than oil sealants. A polyurethane lacquer is highly resistant to wear but the underlying floor may become  discoloured.

For areas with lighter usage, a part polyurethane/part acrylic lacquer will not yellow or darken the wood in any way.

Lacquer is not a natural material, so can restrict the breath ability of your wooden floor.

Lacquers require three applications – with 24 hours of drying for full strength sealing.

We will give you a practical comparison of recommended sealants during your free assessment. Many are only available to members of the trade - another reason to call on us to do the perfect job.


for the best sealing for your new floors - contact us today!



The traditional and natural choice - wax is the safest floor finish for your family, home, business and the environment.

After two applications, your floor will breathe - under a soft and mellow finish.


Fantastic Floor Sanding Services in Wood Floor Repairs LondonHard Wax Oil

Increasingly popular, this is based on waxes and vegetable oils. It provides a good balance between natural oil and lacquer - the natural look combined with improved durability.

It is micro-porous and does not crack, flake, peel or blister. Being less prone to dry out than natural oil, it is suitable for areas of high humidity.  

Like natural oil, it emphasises the wood grain - and brings out its inherent colour. For continual protection, apply more coats or a thinned down ‘revive coat’.

Hard wax is a good choice where damp is a problem. A house in Twickneham had a parquet floor over an underground river. The blocks still adhered well but were continually damp.

When we tried a water-based finish, it went white and peeled off within two days.

So after sanding and applying an oil-based stain, we finished with three coats of Osmo hard wax. This adhered well to the floor surface - and blocked the rising moisture.

The delighted owners therefore had a dry and functioning floor – at a fraction of the cost of the threatened total replacement.

Contact us for your free assessment when we will help you choose the most appropriate finish for your particular floor.


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Beautiful picture for floor sanding in Wood Floor Repairs LondonNatural Oil

Oil is the natural choice for a wooden floor. It gives the traditional look – and provides ease of maintenance. It has water-repellent qualities alongside abrasion and scuff-resistance.

Although natural oil does tend to dry out in humid conditions, it is easy to maintain the treated floor. Extra coats of oil will top-up the finish and cover minor damage.

Oil coats come in matt or satin finishes - and can take up to 24 hrs to dry.

Let us show you the properties of natural oils - along with the various other sealants.

Contact us for your free assessment and quote.


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Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Wood Floor Repairs LondonI Could Do All This Myself


One minute, please. Do step back and consider.

Sanding is a skilled job for trained professionals.

Yes, you can hire a drum sander from a shop. Any back problems? You have to carry it into the house - and it’ll be heavy. You may be prepared for plenty of dust - but what about the noise? Better send the family away for the weekend.

Sandign may look straightforward, but you’ll find floors are rarely even and those bumps won’t budge... And the sander is no good for edges and awkward corners. Time to get down on hands and knees...

How will you know when you’ve removed the old sealants and reached the wood? Once too much wood is sanded away, stains and sealants won’t have much to adhere to.

We get far too many of these jobs where we have to remedy a damaged floor; you will have had a frustrating weekend, sore muscles – and extra expense. Never mind the impact on your relationship.

Call on us first. A company who understands how wooden floors vary - in their timber and prior treatment. We’ve worked on the lot - so know how to deal with them.  



Take no chances with your floor - call in the professional


 Qualified Floor Gap filling, Sanding & Finishing in Wood Floor Repairs London

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